All time favorite Dairy Queen menu

Dairy Queen (DQ) is an auxiliary of delicate serve and fast food restaurants claimed by International Dairy Queen, Inc, a backup of Berkshire Hathaway. It additionally possesses Orange Julius and Karmelkorn. The principal restaurant was spotted in Joliet, Illinois. It was worked by Sherb Noble and opened for business on June 22, 1940. The principal Canadian store opened in Estevan, Saskatchewan in 1953. It serves a mixture of solidified items, for example, delicate serve Ice Cream. The organization’s corporate workplaces are found in the Minneapolis suburb of Edina, Minnesota.

This restaurant has been getting a lot of praise in terms of service and the food menu served. Here is a comment from one of the Dairy Queen’s visitors:

I’ve been setting off to this DQ since I was a little child, used to stroll over yonder after school in HS and now I’m taking my late spring camp children there for treats! I’ve never been frustrated by any of the nourishment there, and my stomach is somewhat meticulous about “fast food” quality, and as a family claimed and worked restaurant, the administration is awesome and dependably has been.

Since I work for a mid year camp and we take the children there, I’ve been significantly more awed with their proficiency and client administration. The littlest gathering we’ve taken was 30 including guides and its never taken over 15 minutes to get everybody’s dessert, pay, and be situated! They likewise will make up a plate loaded with waters for the children to drink since they know we won’t purchase them pop.

Whether you’re going there just you, you and a companion, or with an extensive gathering I very suggest it- – in addition, by what method would you be able to happen with DQ frozen yogurt?!

The organization’s items extended to incorporate malts and milkshakes in 1949, banana parts in 1951, Dilly Bars in 1955, Mr. Foggy slush treats in 1961 (later renamed Misty Slush, of course to Arctic Rush), Jets, Curly Tops, Freezes in 1965, and a scope of ground sirloin sandwiches and other cooked nourishments under the Brazier standard in 1958. In 1971 the Peanut Buster Parfait, comprising of peanuts, hot fudge, and vanilla delicate serve, was presented. Different things incorporate sundaes and the mixed espresso drink, the MooLatte, dubious in light of its similarity to the racial descriptor mulatto.

Dairy Queen’s one hundred (starting 1997) Japanese stores offered ground sirloin sandwiches, however rivalry from McDonald’s done the fasten switch to pita sandwiches.

The dominant part of Dairy Queen areas serve Coca-Cola items, yet dissimilar to most different restaurants such contracts are not ordered onto the franchisee, and therefore a few areas serve Pepsi items. Wendy’s (until 1998), Subway (until 2003), Arby’s (until 2006), IHOP (until 2012), and Applebee’s (until 2012) additionally permitted such mercy on refreshment decision before marking selective soda manages Coca-Cola and Pepsi, making Dairy Queen the last significant restaurant network without a restrictive soda pop contract.

4 Essential Elements To Have A Good Body Shape

1. Diet

Diet is about to manage the meal pattern

The aim is not to eat less, but to set the meal pattern. Diet means arranged the meal pattern to be balance, rather than reducing eat only once a day. That means also determine what they ate. Calories eaten from 1 fried tofu was not the same effect with caloric obtained from 1 grilled chicken breast. So, a calorie is NOT a calorie. Then, the correct diet effect is 60-70% of a great body shape. Without a proper diet, any exercise and supplement you’ve used will not have a big impact, unless you are genetically perfect. The result is likely between the gaunt, or large swell but not dry.

2. Sports (weights & cardio)

To have muscles, you need weight training

Cardio burn calories during you exerciseIf diet is appropriate, just cardio able to decrease weight, but cardio alone will not build muscle. If you want to have muscles, you need weight training. There are more advantages of having muscle. Muscles require large enough calories to maintain the shape and condition every second. For that purpose, the muscles will constantly burn your calories for 24 hours. Unlike the cardio, which only burn calories when you exercise, but as soon as you complete the combustion process stops.

3. Recovery

Adequate rest for muscle recovery
This means adequate rest for muscle recovery. Sleep is also included. Try to sleep 7-8 hours a day. If can not, take a few naps (napping) each of which is about 30 minutes. Remember, muscle is not formed when we exercise, but when we break for recovery. During exercise, we actually “destroy” our muscles. When we break for recovery, that is when the muscle is formed. It was like our bodies were a small house, if you want to have bigger muscles (bigger house), then the house was to be destroyed first, and then there is the construction builders who will build the house back to the larger form. And continue to be so if we want bigger muscles again. The process is exactly the same.

4. Supplement

Supplement is complementary
If points 1-3 above already perfect, supplement will take effect. If 3 points above still not correct, there is no point you use supplements, will have no effect. The results will not be visible. Just a waste of money. Such as its own meaning, Supplement means is complementary. So, do not make it as a primary weapon. Remember, COMPLEMENTARY!

Want to lose weight fast? Multiply the calories burned

This is a continuation of the previous post: Speaking of exercise, always mentioning Cardio, HIIT. What is it?

Our bodies actually also burn energy just to live, but the energy that burned for a living is not enough to scrape the fat reserves. Unless your job involves a lot of physical labor, such as farmers and construction workers, the sport becomes the only way to increase the calories burned by the body.

There are two common types of exercise to ensure effective cutting program:

a. Weight Training

Weight training

The goal is to increase muscle mass in the body. When the muscle mass increases, the network that need to be fed and nourished will be many more. This means that the body burns more calories even when not doing anything. Imagine the amount of muscle mass as the engine capacity of your vehicle. The larger cc of a car, the more extravagant the gasoline.

Weight training for cutting no different with weight training as usual. Total reps moderate (+ – 12x) with sufficient load. High reps (+20) with light weights to burn fat is a myth, unless you want to make weight training as a means of cardio workout.

b. Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardio is the activity that really directly aims to use fat reserves to be burned into energy. Rarely there are people who can achieve its goal to reduce body fat without doing cardio.

For brevity characteristic of cardio exercise is an infinite number of repetitions.
Running in treadmillThe types of cardio exercise include walking / running, swimming, and cycling along with all its variations using “synthetic environment” such as using a treadmill, stationary bike, cross trainer, stepper, etc.
We never counted how many times stepped foot while jogging right?

When doing cardio for fatloss we do not need to care about the speed on the treadmill or how its incline level. Noteworthy is just heart rate and duration or how long cardio is done.


Target of Heart Rate (HR) is 65-75% of MHR (Maximum Heart Rate).
HR range between 65-75% MHR has been widely proven to actually use fat as an energy source, instead of glycogen, nor of muscle protein. Beauty of 65-75% MHR more or less the intensity just like when doing fast walking. So do not worry about not strong running and so forth. Doing cardio with HR of 65-75% MHR is often referred to as “Steady State Moderate Intensity Cardio Exercise”

Fast walking to increase heart rate
The intended duration of cardio is between 30-60 minutes. To be safe, I recommend 45 minutes.
Why is between 30-60 minutes? Because less than 30 minutes the body still uses glycogen (blood sugar) for energy. After glycogen depleted around minute 25 to 30, the fat is used as an energy source. Over 60 minutes, well … first of all you are at risk of hunger and body could go into starvation mode. Second … who wants more than 1 hour of cardio?

Running in the morningWhen is the best time to do cardio. Anytime actually. Morning, afternoon, evening, night no problem. But there are times when cardio to fat burning become more efficient:
– After waking up in the morning because of the low level of glycogen in the body after the “fast” during sleep for + – 8 hours. This is called “empty stomach cardio”.
– After weight training, because when doing weight training we use the majority of our glycogen for energy.

High intensity interval training

There are other ways to do cardio for fat loss which are gaining in popularity the past few years, namely the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Due to the high intensity of HIIT cardio session can then be cut to around 30 minutes.

Which is the most effective fat burning for you? There is no definitive answer. Everyone has a different body responds differently. The only way to know which one is best for you is to try it one by one and compare the results.

Keep Pumping!

Speaking of exercise, always mentioning Cardio, HIIT. What is it?

There are two main keys to make the body more efficient at burning fat reserves in the body:

1. The deficit of calories in

Fat bodyFats are energy reserves. Fat is used when the body was not getting enough energy to support their daily activities. Therefore calories in during the cutting should be less than calories used.

Determine how much an optimal calorie deficit for fat loss is also not arbitrary. If the deficit is too small then the fat loss process will be too slow. If the deficit is too large then the body will actually go into “starvation mode” or sometimes referred to as “survival mode” where the calorie deficit is too large for a long period of time makes the body think that you’re in a bad season, hard to find a meal, and uncertain tomorrow could eat. As a result, the body’s metabolism is slower to conserve energy and the breakdown of fats into energy is restricted to anticipate situations of hunger which may still persist.

Fortunately how big the optimal calorie deficit for fat loss has been widely studied and we just have to read the conclusion only:

Chart of calorie intake
Calorie deficit only 500 cal of total daily caloric intake recommendations.
This benchmark is appropriate for people who have an “average” body. For those who have extreme weight or obese categories are included to 500 cal become incompatible and use benchmark calorie deficit of 20% of total daily caloric intake recommendations.

For example, I am an average person needs 2500 cal / day.
So my daily calorie requirement for cutting into 2500 cal – 500 = 2000 cal.
We’ll see if there is any difference when I use the benchmark of 20%:
2500 cal – (20% x 2500 cal) = 2500 cal – 500 cal = 2000 cal
Same thing right!

Now just a calorie deficit as what is needed.
Is it totally reduced, or just a few things.

Macronutrients - carbohydrates, proteins, fatsWhen talking about diet and food in general we directly discuss about macronutrient. What is a macronutrient please read the wikipedia but that clearly there are three macronutrients: carbohydrate, protein, and fat. The function of each macronutrient? Read wikipedia again.

Carbohydrates should be reduced, due to the intake of carbohydrates will provoke insulin secretion in large quantities which although very necessary to transport nutrients to the cells of the body but also very influential in making the body goes into “fat storing mode.”
In brief:
Carbo in >> blood sugar rises >> insulin rises >> the body go into fat storing mode when carbo received is quite excessive.

Source of proteinProtein on the other hand produces the same amount of energy with carbohydrate (1g carbohydrate = 1g protein = 4 cal) but not overly provoke insulin secretion. So the risk of fat increment from proteins are smaller.

But when carbohydrate reduced the total calories in is reduced as well? Later became to starvation mode?
That’s why when the carbohydrate reduced, protein coupled to meet its energy needs.

To make diet plan simple, let’s make a comparison of its macronutrient (carbohydrate : protein : fat)
Comparison macronutrient for fat loss is usually around 50:30:20 (suitable for those who are first-time changing diet), 40:40:20 (common serious fitnesmania) or 30:50:20 (extreme tolerable, usually for contest prep)

Eat more oftenThe latter is the frequency of eating.
3x a day for ordinary people, 4 times daily for new-try changing your diet, 5-6x to optimal. Divide the interval between eating evenly as possible.

I want to burn fat in order to be thin, why even eat more often?

The more often the frequency of eating, the body thinks that the supply of food so smoothly and there is no reason to store energy reserves in the form of fat. Additionally when eating every 3 hours means the digestive organs constantly working to digest the food and it uses energy to digest food.

Continue to next post: Want to lose weight fast? Multiply the calories burned

Why is Diet .. but told to eat 5 – 6x ???

I try to explain as simple as possible …

Source of calories from foodTry to remember what I’ve written before (Read: Do not think about exercise, notice first about the food!) …. and we try to make an example, Calorie intake 2500 cal > 2000 cal

OK .. we try to divide this 2000 cal by 5 (6 is quite complicated) … the result is 400 cal per meal.

OK.. save it first…

Well, try to remember the days of old school lessons … what the heck is FAT?
That’s a form of reserved energy stored by the body, just as a tree bears fruit, or animal got fat as well.

Eating fatty foods

Then? Does not consume fat then we will not be fat? NO!

Stop eating before satietyFat was created when .. food that goes beyond what the body can absorb .. it’s why, there is a saying … stop eating before satiety.

So? No need to eat then .. so there will be no fat?

When the human body experiencing starvation mode, or famine … then the body will automatically go to the emergency system … energy released should not be high, fat preserved, similar to the economic system, when there was massive inflation, the money supply should be kept right? if it runs out .. yes you really ends.

And when you are hungry .. then eat …. the body is still in an emergency situation would think …. “oh, I got a supply …. but I am still in a serious condition ….. I need to store energy reserve “… and formed FAT.

Fat storage

So, what is the relation with the earlier 400 cal?

There’s another adage, “Buy when needed ..” … “Use when necessary” …
400 cal should be enough for your body to indulge without giving many opportunities to create fat ..

Eat 5-6x … can make you hungry? just try it and see.

Insulin change carbohydrate into energyAnd … 5 – 6x encourages the production of insulin.
Insulin can help change the carbohydrate (and fat, and protein) .. into energy …

There was a case in the US … there are people who do not get fat even though he consumed 5000 cal, then they find out that his insulin level is 10x more than normal people.

So it is advisable to eat 5-6x every 2.5 – 3.5 hours.

Food For Smokers, Essential Reads For Smokers!

Sometimes it’s often really hard to quit smoking. Well, while be patient continuing to remind to stop smoking, you could give these foods. At least it can reduce the adverse effects of smoking, but that does not mean they allowed to continue smoking!

According to researchers from Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, some foods such as meat and caffeinated drinks make you more tasteful to smoke. While dairy products and fresh vegetables makes cigarettes taste bad. From now try to consume these five food and beverages that can help you quit smoking:

Fresh Pomegranate fruitOrange juice, pomegranate juice, and raisins

When someone smokes regularly, they will lose a lot of vitamin C. Useful substances in the body will be changed with some unnatural element of nicotine. Fruits like orange, lemon, pomegranate, black currant which rich in vitamin C is the best food to get rid of nicotine dependence.

A glass of red wineRed wine

As found by researchers from South California, people who drank a glass of red wine every day had a 60% lower likelihood of developing lung cancer, and is beneficial both in active and passive smokers. Red wine has a beneficial flavonoids and resveratrol that are good for the heart and blood.
But you also have to be careful to consume red wine to avoid alcohol addiction.

A glass of fresh milkMilk and other dairy products

Many smokers say, after drinking a glass of milk, smoking does not bring the expected taste and satisfaction. This is a result of milk that make very bitter taste in the mouth, and smoking was so not fun anymore.

Fresh green broccoliBroccoli

Broccoli has therapeutic properties that help reduce the risk of lung disease, including lung cancer. The content of sulforaphane increases the activity of NRF2 gene that protects the lungs from damage caused by toxins from nicotine.

A bunch of fresh celeryCelery

Besides celery, other vegetables such as zucchini, beans, and cucumbers also influence the taste of cigarettes. Even some scientists assess, eat lots of these foods can reduce nicotine dependence (as long as it does not consume alcohol). If you do not like celery, can replace it with a carrot.

The researchers estimate that five meals for the smoker can alter the production of saliva and will change the flavor for a while, which makes cigarettes taste less good. You want to prove? Please try.

How to stop smoking with “Cold Turkey”

Welcome please join to quit smoking together with the cold turkey method, the most common way in the world to quit smoking and most importantly this way free.

Chewing tobacco photosCold Turkey is a term for how to quit smoking, how this is done by cutting the entire intake of nicotine into the body in any form. No (none, nil, zero!) Patches, gum, inhaler, e-cig, Personal Vaporizer (PV), chewing tobacco, … or other new types of nicotine intake. It has become common knowledge that nicotine consumption by smokers in the long term will lead to a dependency. With this intake and cut off from the body, the body will surely inflamed and suffer physically and psychologically.

Nicotine addiction

The purpose intercepted total nicotine intake is to euthanize the smoking addiction. Addicted to nicotine, essentially the same as drug addiction, craving this kind can not be resisted at all “head to head” such as by reducing smoke every day, or wear PV assuming a current regular cigarette would taste bad, … etc.
There was no one in this world that is strong enough against addiction. Stop smoking and do not replace it with other nicotine intake, face the next day without nicotine, only then, nicotine addiction can be put to sleep.

Cold turkey smokingThere is no other way that is as effective as the “Cold Turkey”, another way is done by exchanging smoking and other habits. That ends … well to be paid, sadly, there are still people who achieve this advantage. Other way not teaching the ex-smoker to face the following days without replacement product. Often they had stopped smoking, but now a permanent user of nicotine lozenges or nicoderm (nicotine patches) that usually end up becoming a smoker again after so long been a loyal user.

I am fully aware, “cold turkey” is not an easy way be taken to stop smoking, especially if you are young, healthy, beautiful, handsome, wealthy. Not to mention, you will suffer in the early 3 days physically, then during the initial few months of a psychic, smoking will trigger the urge to smoke by 1001 temptations (junkies mind). Sometimes this makes emotional state fluctuates irregularly. The brain will turn on or create a character of nicotine as if nicotine is a living thing that becomes your loyal friend. Yes, … you have to be ready for all of that, once you make the decision to quit smoking. If not ready, … (apologize) do not quit smoking, go ahead, you are just wasting time!

The results with this method

Stop smoking success stories

If I can say after this past 2 years, it is very remarkable, breathing becomes more relieved, no cough when wake up in the morning, coffee tastes better, other family members appreciate you for so much patience and gather often with other family members. Over time, your brain will begin to receive breaking intake of nicotine, aka I’ve very rarely addictive unlike in earlier stops in advance. If it had any cravings can last 5 minutes, now just a minute. There is no cheap way to quit smoking most of the way, is completely free and does not need to buy a pipe, inhaler, etc.

happy family in living room

Another important thing to note, that once you are a smoker, you are still a smoker. Even if you’ve managed to stop a couple of years, it did not eliminate your habit of smoking. Just one puff of a cigarette, (yes only one suction), then in the next 1-2 weeks you’ve become an active smoker back even with more rations. When it happen, just buy a lot of cigarettes (1 bale probably) because it will be hard to stop again. Therefore always keep every day to not smoke and get serious with the decision to stop smoking. It is a matter of life and death. Quitting smoking is not a joke, there is no place at all funny when you return to smoking, it is a sad thing.

Boy .., I was relieved ..
I emphasize again, difficulties occur very often, it is clear and definite.
Therefore do not be half-hearted, this is a matter of life and death.
The process of “no smoking” is part of the condition of “stop smoking”.
The hard part is a continuous process for not smoking, about managed to stop or not, who knows? What can be done is not smoking today and let others judge, managed to quit smoking or not.

Do not think about exercise, notice first about the food!

Fatloss was no need to torture yourself …. not eat …. starve …. it’s stupid … especially if the meal is then spit out … You just make it even worse!

Then what???

Pay attention to what you eat, Glycemic Index could be the main criterion in choosing what to eat.

Protein content in foodWhat is the Glycemic Index (GI)? it simply is the measurement of the effects of carbohydrates into the body to blood sugar.

It will answer the question, why the hell when on a diet, many people not suggest eating rice … and the most misguided …. not eat rice, but also not eat any others as a source of carbohydrate replacement.

And why is this so important?

  • Low GI diets help people lose and manage weight
  • Low GI diets increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin
  • Low GI carbs improve diabetes management
  • Low GI carbs reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Low GI carbs improve blood cholesterol levels
  • Low GI carbs can help you manage the symptoms of PCOS
  • Low GI carbs reduce hunger and keep you fuller for longer
  • Low GI carbs prolong physical endurance
  • High GI carbs help re-fuel carbohydrate stores after exercise

Know it low or high?

Low GI : less than 55
Medium GI : 55~69
High GI : 70++

Glycemic Index Chart

List of foods :

Glycemic Index - Rating Food Item

Carbohydrates - Fats - Proteins ratioNext?

OK, you have your daily calorie count? as you have in the post above …

Let say 2500 cal written there … which means for Fatloss try at 2000 cal.

The general pattern that people do when dieting is: 10% fat + 30% carb + 60% protein

The result should be approximately 2000 cal somehow … and in this way, the stomach is also safe not starving … and weight + fat content is definitely down!

Carbohydrate - Protein - Fat composition of meal

Delicious right?

Want to lose weight or want to make a six pack ??? enter here

This post was made in order to facilitate the reader in understanding what he must do to solve problems of obesity, excess fat bloated or other symptoms.

Where do we start? MOTIVATION !!! .. do not let this lack of motivation, which will make you say, “oh .. I want my body thinner, starting tomorrow I’m going to exercise ..” and the next day … lazy … right? Strong motivation will keep your determination to live what would you change next life … because what you do is not something that instant … this may take a monthly process .. even years.

What must be understood next ??

simple … your body

What Your Body Shape?
Human body shape - apple and pear typeShape and weight was related, but they are not the same. You inherit one natural body shapes, depending on whether you tend to carry weight, at the top or bottom of the body or proportional.

Meaning of Your Body Shape

Upper body
Fat is concentrated in the upper body: face, neck, chest and waist. It occurs in women and almost all men.

  • Upper body fat is usually caused by a bad diet and lack of exercise.
  • Fat around the waist usually means that there is an internal fat, which can cause serious health problems.
  • Reducing internal fat can dramatically improve your health.
  • Reducing calories will not eliminate upper body fat.
  • To eliminate this excess weight, change your body mass percentage by managing calories, protein and exercise.

Lower body
Your fat is concentrated in the lower body: hips and thighs. Prominent in women.

  • Much lower body fat caused by hereditary factors, and partly due to diet.
  • This type of fat does not cause specific health problems.
  • Reducing caloric intake and increasing exercise may not be enough to reduce lower body fat.
  • Eat more protein and include the formation of the lower body exercises in your sports activities.

When you gain weight, it is spread proportionately throughout your body.

  • You may not be aware of your body weight has increased since spread throughout the body.
  • It is advisable to carry out the formation of the body as a whole.

It’s Not Just Your Body Weight. It’s your body composition.

Targeting healthy weight based on your body mass, including muscle, bone, mineral and other non-fat tissue in your body. The greater your muscle mass, the more calories are burned by the body. Remember, you need body fat to stay healthy. Fats store energy needed by muscles and acts as a body shock absorbing. Lack of body fat equals unhealthy with excess body fat.


Certainly there are many ways to take measurements, .. one of the most simple is through this web:

Why should be measured? Because these numbers will be the basic foundation of what to do next.

Fill and then later the results will be like this:

Diet calculator, body fat calculator, body mass index calculator

Ok, what can be understood from the figures above?

  • BMI (Body Mass Index): These are generally used as a baseline for obesity, for men and women, a BMI above 30 could be categorized as obese. But this figure is not very accurate if you are a bodybuilder.
  • Percentage of Body Fat: This is the most need attention … want a six-pack? Try body fat below 10% for men and less than 18 ~ 20% for women.
  • Minimum caloric requirements: This figure will then determine what is good diet for you? If you want to dispose of fat, try to reduce the 500 cal of the daily requirement. Too few calories will actually cause your body damaged.

The numbers of Body Mass Index