Adequate rest for muscle recovery

4 Essential Elements To Have A Good Body Shape

1. Diet The aim is not to eat less, but to set the meal pattern. Diet means arranged the meal pattern to be balance, rather than reducing eat only once a day. That means also determine what they ate. Calories eaten from 1 fried tofu was not the same effect with caloric obtained from 1 grilled chicken breast. So, a calorie is NOT a calorie. Then, the correct diet effect […]

Weight training

Want to lose weight fast? Multiply the calories burned

This is a continuation of the previous post: Speaking of exercise, always mentioning Cardio, HIIT. What is it? Our bodies actually also burn energy just to live, but the energy that burned for a living is not enough to scrape the fat reserves. Unless your job involves a lot of physical labor, such as farmers and construction workers, the sport becomes the only way to increase the calories burned by […]

Macronutrients - carbohydrates, proteins, fats

Speaking of exercise, always mentioning Cardio, HIIT. What is it?

There are two main keys to make the body more efficient at burning fat reserves in the body: 1. The deficit of calories in Fats are energy reserves. Fat is used when the body was not getting enough energy to support their daily activities. Therefore calories in during the cutting should be less than calories used. Determine how much an optimal calorie deficit for fat loss is also not arbitrary. […]

Insulin change carbohydrate into energy

Why is Diet .. but told to eat 5 – 6x ???

I try to explain as simple as possible … Try to remember what I’ve written before (Read:┬áDo not think about exercise, notice first about the food!) …. and we try to make an example, Calorie intake 2500 cal > 2000 cal OK .. we try to divide this 2000 cal by 5 (6 is quite complicated) … the result is 400 cal per meal. OK.. save it first… Well, try […]

Fresh Pomegranate fruit

Food For Smokers, Essential Reads For Smokers!

Sometimes it’s often really hard to quit smoking. Well, while be patient continuing to remind to stop smoking, you could give these foods. At least it can reduce the adverse effects of smoking, but that does not mean they allowed to continue smoking! According to researchers from Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, some foods such as meat and caffeinated drinks make you more tasteful to smoke. While dairy products and […]

Cold turkey smoking

How to stop smoking with “Cold Turkey”

Welcome please join to quit smoking together with the cold turkey method, the most common way in the world to quit smoking and most importantly this way free. Cold Turkey is a term for how to quit smoking, how this is done by cutting the entire intake of nicotine into the body in any form. No (none, nil, zero!) Patches, gum, inhaler, e-cig, Personal Vaporizer (PV), chewing tobacco, … or […]

Glycemic Index - Rating Food Item

Do not think about exercise, notice first about the food!

Fatloss was no need to torture yourself …. not eat …. starve …. it’s stupid … especially if the meal is then spit out … You just make it even worse! Then what??? Pay attention to what you eat, Glycemic Index could be the main criterion in choosing what to eat. What is the Glycemic Index (GI)? it simply is the measurement of the effects of carbohydrates into the body […]

Diet calculator, body fat calculator, body mass index calculator

Want to lose weight or want to make a six pack ??? enter here

This post was made in order to facilitate the reader in understanding what he must do to solve problems of obesity, excess fat bloated or other symptoms. Where do we start? MOTIVATION !!! .. do not let this lack of motivation, which will make you say, “oh .. I want my body thinner, starting tomorrow I’m going to exercise ..” and the next day … lazy … right? Strong motivation […]